Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Reflections at Home At Noon Break

America as we know it is finished.  We have turned the corner and are now heading down a path that we will never recover from.  God has been giving her warning with smaller judgments but I fear they will now accelerate.  We have a changing demographic that prefers something for nothing instead of responsibility and hard work.  Where did this come from?  Yes we have immigrants but that’s only a small part of the story.  It started perhaps over a hundred years ago when the devil went into the conservative Bible teaching seminaries and began to dilute and compromise God’s Word.  It began to spread and it ate in the church like a cancer until we are now seeing the full maturing of the fruit.  While we have perhaps 80% of the population claiming that they are Christians, we have 40.7% of the babies born in America to single women.  Less than 50% of those above 21 years of age are married, not counting the second and third marriages.  We have murdered over 50 million babies and most of us saw via the Internet or via TV one major political party booing and shaking their fists at God just three months ago and yet we have condoned that behavior. We are getting so smart that we have now come out with a “study” saying that children of lesbians are happier. “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,”  Romans 1:22 

The compromising church with its watered down Bible has produced a population that cares nothing for morals, dignity, fear of God, or even love of country, but only with their bellies.  God’s judgment is at the door, not just because of the outcome of this election, but it many things have led up to this breaking point!  Do not look for hope in politics or government because there is none. 

I’ve painted a gloomy picture of things, and it is gloomy when looking at it from the world’s viewpoint.  But when seeing it from God’s Word, it only shows that the rapture is all the nearer.  Can we have revival in America?  Yes, we can and maybe this is what it will take to get people to pray.  Maybe we will really get serious with God as we see our walls come tumbling down and the enemy coming in.  I just hope it’s not too late.