Saturday, December 17, 2005

The Battle for Christmas

As our culture slowly slides downhill away from Biblical values, we now find ourselves battling Christmas, or the right to say it.  I realize that most of the customs that we keep during this time of year had some heathen origin and that Christ was probably not born on December 25 as shepherds didn’t keep their flocks out at night in the winter.  I also know that there is nothing in God’s word that says we should celebrate such a day and I’m not a big fan of Santa Clause.  However, barring that all aside, there is still some good that comes from the Christmas holiday as it seems it’s that time of year that many, who find it hard to be kind otherwise, put forth their best.  And when Christ was more of the center of Christmas, it seemed that that day was just “special” or holy, almost like a blanket of peace settling down from about Christmas eve through Christmas day.  It also is a time when Christians and churches can witness to the lost easier and have a greater chance to do so than any other time of the year, except of course Easter which is also after the Easter goddess.  But what a great time to remember the birth of our Savior!

  However, Satan would like to drive the Christ out of Christmas and just have it called a holiday.  Why all the fuss?  It’s simple.  They are enemies of Christ and the cross because sooner or later, when Christ is mentioned, he can only stay in the crib for so long but will eventually go to the cross.  The world hates that and would like to drive it completely out of our culture.  In North Carolina, there is a Merry Christmas greeting in one of the McDonalds.  Everything went well until one day a lady got peeved and threatened to sue.  The manager said he wasn’t going to remove it as it helped business.  Now, if this follows the scenario that most things like this do, she’ll go before some lefty judge and he’ll order it to be removed.  One person shoots down what the majority wants!  That’s totally unfair.  It’s time to fight back and I’m glad that many are!  When you email anyone and wish them a merry Christmas, say it in caps.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!  

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