Saturday, March 04, 2006

David Encouraged Himself

“….but David encouraged himself in the LORD his God.” 1 Samuel 30: 6

I realize I haven’t written much these past couple of weeks.  Seems like I just couldn’t get with it but I feel I need to try to be more diligent at it.  Also, we’ve been taking care of our grandbaby while my daughter, Tiffany, recovers from eye surgery.  The baby is back with the mama and Papa misses her some but glad things are a little more in normal sequence now.  I don’t know if anyone even sees these as I’ve not seen any response but maybe one day someone might be encouraged and helped by these blogs.

I preached on the above text Wednesday evening.  I went to a revival meeting in another near by city, the evangelist preached along these lines too.  I sense that many in the church boy are going through times of spiritual deadness or a desert if you will.  I know the feeling.  You try to pray but the heavens are brass.  You read your Bible but nothing comes to life.  You even try to miss a few meals but the blessing is only short lived, if there is any.  

David was in a place where he really shouldn’t have been.  In a strange city, although Ziklag originally belonged to the Jews, but now it belonged to the Jews’ enemy, the Philistines.   He had gotten there because he was weary of running from Saul and felt that refuge in a foreign land was better than continuing to live in caves.  I don’t blame him.  King Achish, king of the Philistines assigned Ziklag to him so there he settled.  Then the Philistines mobilized so they could go to battle against Israel.  David tried to go with the Philistines but fortunately for him the Lords of the Philistines would not allow it.  When he returned to Ziklag he and his men found it burn and their wives and children taken captive.  They wept for their wives and children then turned their attention on the possibility of stoning David since they felt he was responsible.  David could get no help.  He only could encourage himself in the Lord.  Read the story in 1 Samuel chapter 30.  

Sometimes that’s all one can do is remember how big God is.  Remember he is the Creator, the Author and the Finisher of all things.  Without Christ, what is there?  Encourage yourself in the past blessings and read the Psalms and apply them to yourself.  

The important thing is that David didn’t give up.  After encouraging himself, he received God’s guidance and they were able to recover all.  You may be going through something that no one, even your closest friend, or your spouse can quite understand.  But pour your heart out to God, even if you don’t feel anything because you know that God hears all.  The race may seem tough at times but in this race, the only way you can lose is quit.  Don’t give up!

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