Monday, June 26, 2006

Out of Captivity

“Turn again our captivity, O LORD, as the streams in the south.” Psalms 126:1

Many times Israel cried out with this Psalm to be delivered from captivity. They had been in captivity during the time of the judges, the time of the kings of Judah and Israel, and last into the foreign lands.  This was all because they refused to keep the law and commandments of God but went the way of the desires of their hearts.  

Today, much of the church is in captivity being drunk on the pleasures of this world, self-indulgence, self-seeking, and lust for money and recognition.  She’s drunk on the flattery of the world and has left off the Word of God in general.  There are prayers for salvation but only decisions not true conversions.  There are no life changes, no sanctification or consecration.  Those words are mostly in the past now.  The church is drunk on its own self-imposed beauty, backing away to see the wonderful works that its done, attributing it to “God” when it was done on their own professional wisdom.  The church has lost contact with God in general and doesn’t even realize it.  Truly the protracted prayer meeting and times of consecration are mostly in the past.  Revive us again Lord Jesus!!!

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Carl said...

Is there any reason you are spelling it "De Vinci" rather than "Da Vinci"?
Here is one web site advertising the picture with the Italian spelling. I think De Vinci might be a Spanish spelling. - Carl