Saturday, July 15, 2006

"De Vinci" or "Da Vinci”

My answer, whatever!  There was no intent to make De Vinci a Spanish name.  The point is this:

  1. The whole “Da Vinci” thing is false and blasphemous.  The church obviously did not care or couldn’t pray enough to keep it out of our country.  

  2. Hollywood will stoop to anything to make money and come across with their godless views.

  3. There is one true God, the God of the Bible.  He’s not someone or something we can create in our own imagination to be what we would like him to be.  His thoughts, intents, plans for the future, desires, and expectations are all in his Word.  There are places in the world where people are risking their lives simply to have this Book.  Will we come to that place in America?

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