Saturday, September 02, 2006


While I use this blog mostly for Bible teaching, let me record a few personal notes.

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted and I’ve not had the time to post much lately.  We’ve been to Iowa where I grew up and had a nice visit with my mother, sisters, as well as some of the other family members as we had a reunion there.  We’re all growing older but to the believer in Christ that should just signal one day closer to Home.  

At work, we’ve been on the run sometimes even into the evenings.  This past Wednesday was such as I was doing an awareness presentation with a colleague in Lufkin TWC.  We had already done one in Livingston that morning.  This one got off to a late start as we waited for some of the attendees to arrive.  It was about 3:00 when I got the call.  I had just finished my part and was sitting down in the front of the room by the laptop computer and projector relaxing as Liz, was giving her portion of the presentation.  My phone vibrated so I looked at the caller ID.  It said Tiffany.  Tiffany is my oldest daughter who is married with a very cute 2 year old girl named Emma.  I wasn’t going to answer at first as I thought she was just trying to call me in order to reach her mother but I realized that she doesn’t usually do that and doesn’t call me during the day unless there is a real good reason.  I decided I better check it out so went out and answered.  She said, “Dad, I just wanted to let you know my house is on fire.”  I could tell by her voice that everyone was OK and I asked if she had called 911, and she had.  

Later that even we witnessed what was the remains of an older home in rural East Texas, no longer livable but only destined to be bulldozed down.  You really don’t realize how much you have and then need when you lose everything but the clothes on your back.  That realization hit home as we went to town to get things for them just to last them for a few days at least.  

Through all of this we know that God has his hand in everything and will meet their every need.  I also know that he will work this for his good.  

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