Monday, June 11, 2007

The Oneness Crowd

I get emails from folks that of what is commonly referred to as the “Oneness Movement.” ( I had mentioned to one that I was waiting a couple of weeks to respond but I’ve decided that I’d get this out of the way before I left.) Those in this movement believe that Christ is all in one, another words there is not a trinity but Christ is God and the Holy Ghost. They site scriptures out of context to support their claim and if you follow their arguments, the result is only confusion. I have debated with them on occasion, personally and via email but I will tell you that it is a waste of time. They are like lions waiting to pounce on your every word and twist it to their liking and they also are good at not answering a question with a direct answer but giving some other unrelated answer. If you debate with them long, you will be led down a meandering road of confusion which is what they really want, as the devil is the author of it. I’m not writing this just for my own behalf but for those of you who may come in contact with these people.

The Oneness doctrine was contrived in a campmeeting back in the 1900’s by a man who supposedly prayed all night and received this revelation. Later, they realized it was in error but by that time it had already grown out of control and could not be stopped as error always multiplies. They will say Paul was a Oneness or whatever term they want to use but that’s not so.

1. I do not hate those who are a part of this doctrine. I have run into many good people who are sympathetic to this and have enjoyed some short times of fellowship. But I have also run into those who are nothing but contentious and are on a crusade to promote this.
2. Debating them is useless for two reasons. They will not change as this is a spirit of error and only deliverance can change them. I have seen some come out of this oneness movement and realize the error they were made to believe. But when a man or woman has been in this movement for many years, it is very difficulty to get them out. The second reason is that I certainly am not going to change my view of the Trinity after being saved for over thirty-one years.
3. Their emails are long, so long that it is laborious to even read through them. They take you down winding roads turning in one path than to another. If one takes the time to respond such a long article, they will pounce on your words and even your terminology. It just takes too long to mess with them. I work a job, pastor a church, and have a wife, children who are married and grandchildren. I just don’t feel I want to waste my time fooling with them. Don’t you either.
4. Their spirit is a very hard spirit to deal with….probably one of the hardest because it is so close to the real thing. Remember though, Satan can appear as an angel of light.
5. Finally, I will always email or even talk with anyone who has questions or some disputes on sanctification or other points I raise. I don’t mind that as I feel I can help. You are always welcome to write, but to those of this doctrine, don’t bother. I just won’t spend the time with you as I feel there are others who are really sincere about the Word of God and need my attention. I will not answer your emails and if you try to post, I’ll take it off. I have learned that the biggest thing the Oneness people want is a good argument and row. You’re not getting it here! It’s finished!! No more!! Take your heresy somewhere else because I don’t buy into it and it won’t have a spot here in this blog.

To the rest ----- May God help you and keep you.

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Steve Keyes said...

I have just finished reading what you wrote about the oneness doctern. I could not agree more, that is what i have told my wife about them. They are close (i mean they live right and dress right) but the oneness or apostolic doctern is simply a false doctern. I thank God for your stand fot the truth. May God bless you. Love and prayers Brother ans Sister Keyes