Thursday, November 06, 2008

False Prophet?

I recently received a comment regarding the blog I posted entitled Ester. The comment was this, "Looks like we have a false prophet here since McCain/Palin lost. Apparently she wasn't chosen to reign." Jeremy

First, let me mention that I was passing this on and wanted to give you something to think and pray about. Second: Maybe he is and maybe he isn't. You say, well McCain lost the election didn't he? Yes, but we must remember that sometimes God does things different than we do. The big thing is that, when you look at what he said, there is not a clear cut statement saying that they were to win the election, only that they should stand strong. Being an Ester can have many applications and can mean that she will be used later. So Jeremy, don't be so quick to label someone a false prophet until you look closely to what is said.

Also, I do not know the man so I have no reason to defend him except that I want to be fair to him. Personally, I'm of the current attitude that God has forsaken his people and that there is no hope. Now they have enough votes in congress to pass whatever bill they want and have a president more than willing to sign them. They will pass the Fairness Doctrine (don't be fooled by its name) and that will silence any conservative voice on talk radio, even the Christian voices in most cases. They will pass the Card-check bill which puts most workers into unions (I know that is simplified) and they no longer can vote secretly. Knowing the make-up of the unions I don't think I need to tell you how they will vote since Big Brother will be looking over their shoulder. They will also make Christian education illegal and possibly force the true church underground due to massive bureaucracies. They will hike taxes so there's little money left and prices will go up. Obama wants a civil army which will function as a tattle-tale army telling Big Brother if someone speaks out against him or his government. I'm not prophesying so if God is gracious enough to stop some of these things then well, but this is what I see now. There will be total control by a people who has no love for the truth or our traditional values. I'm afraid judgment is coming to America and very fast!

We are truly like the Jews in Ester's time, waiting for the slaughter. I'm not trusting in anyone here so don't get me wrong but if God can somehow raise up an Ester, so be it!

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